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Magic TX Garage Door Services

As with anything around the home or business, everything requires maintenance on a regular basis. To neglect a maintenance schedule could mean unexpected repairs costing much more than a simple inspection by a professional would be. We at Magic TX Garage Door know this and our trained technicians anticipate exactly what to look for following safe policy and procedures. That is better than looking at it yourself and guessing if the door assembly is sound and safe for another year. There are key components of the door assembly that is crucial for a smooth operation. That large torsion spring mounted on top of your garage door, including the connecting cables are more dangerous than you would think.

Kingwood 24Hr Garage Door Services

We offer emergency 24hr repair on both commercial & residential doors using timely and cost effective repair practices and of course, customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

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One would assume repair on garage doors would be simplistic because it appears that there is not much to them but in reality, they are not. You should reconsider repairing your overhead door yourself for there are cases where do-it-yourself homeowners have become injured and some have even ended up as fatalities. Consider that all it takes is one unfortunate decision or a frayed cable to break and you become another statistic. If the appropriate repairs are not calibrated the door could fall possibly mutilating you or your vehicle. During repairs or adjustments there is always a chance that a component may slip or break causing much physical damage including loss of limb or worse, it is just not worth it.

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